Project Categories

A. Annual Reports

Publications that report on an organization’s annual performance.

  1. By Nonprofit
  2. By For-Profit

B. Newsletters

Publications designed, written and published periodically to provide brief and timely information to target audiences while supporting an organization’s overall objectives. Submit two consecutive issues of quarterly publications or three consecutive issues of monthly publications.

  1. Up to Two Colors
  2. Three Colors or More
  3. Electronic

C. Magazines

Publications designed to provide in-depth information about an organization or topic on a regular basis. Magazines typically are differentiated from newsletters by the number of pages and length of articles. Submit three consecutive issues or both issues of semi-annual publications.

D. Brochures and Booklets

Pamphlets, booklets or other small publications designed to inform a target audience about an organization, product, service or issue.

E. Posters, Displays or Exhibits

Any poster, display or exhibit may be entered. Digital format only. Entrants are no longer required to submit binders.

F. Media Relations

  1. Media Kits/Press Kits
  2. News Conferences – An event to announce a product, service, event, change in organization.
  3. Media Tours – A single in-person media tour to journalists, industry analysts, or other influencers.
  4. Media Placement – A media placement that best represents the goals and objectives of a public relations campaign.

G. Direct Mail

Communications designed to solicit a specific, immediate response by the target audience.

H. Special Purpose Publications

Single-issue publications designed for a special purpose.

  1. Invitation
  2. Book
  3. Magazine

I. Writing

Submit text as well as documentation of article / publication.

  1. News Writing
  2. Feature Writing
  3. Editorial Writing
  4. Bylined Article – Written under the name of someone else, e.g. client.
  5. Technical Writing – Documents or editorial written to define and/or explain a technical product or service to a target audience.
  6. Speeches/Scripts – A single speech in which an individual had sole responsibility for research and writing. Judged on content and ability to achieve desired purpose. Include text of speech.
  7. News Releases – A timely news announcement sent to media sources. The release should have been used by an external publication in its original format or to develop a story. Include the news release and documentation of publication. Note: Judges may move entries from one category to another if they deem appropriate.

J. Advertorial

Paid advertising written as editorial matter to gain support for a product, issue, program or organization. Include text and documentation of publication.

K. Audiovisual

This category includes any video or audio presentations. A link to a video hosting site such as YouTube is acceptable. Summaries must include documentation of results.

  1. Video News Release
  2. Radio Public Service Announcement
  3. Television Public Service Announcement
  4. Video Program
  5. Audio Program

L. New Media

New, creative or unconventional use of technology in a public relations program. This usage may be in the implementation, evaluation or initial research phase of the program. Include any domain names, as appropriate.

  1. Websites – Marketing/external communications
  2. Websites – Intranets/internal communications
  3. Social Networks – Use of Facebook, Twitter or other social networks to connect with audiences. Include rationale for social media strategy, audiences, statistics or other means of quantifiable measurement to support objectives, as well as URLs for the respective networks.
  4. Blogs – Web-based blogs that communicate a corporate, public service or industry position. Include rationale for blogging strategy, target audiences, and statistics or other means of quantifiable measurement to support objectives. Screenshots of the blog, as well as site URL, must be submitted as part of the entry.
  5. Podcasts – Audio programs produced solely as podcasts or downloadable for play on MP3 players. Include rationale for podcasting strategy, statistics or other means of quantifiable measurement to support objectives, as well as a link to the webpage hosting the podcast.
  6. Mobile Apps – An application specifically designed for use on a smartphone. Include rationale for developing the app, target audience, user statistics or other means of quantifiable measurement to support objectives, as well as screenshots of the app.
  7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Implementation of strategy, explanation of execution and results.

M. Research

Enter research that provides a meaningful contribution to an organization’s public relations program. Sample of the research methodology and results should be included.

N. Pitch Material

Creative materials compiled to “pitch” an organization, concept or program.

O. Photography/Illustrations

P. Potpourri: Tactics and Approaches

Unusual programs, unconventional creative tactic or approach used as part of a public relations program or campaigns that don’t fit into any other categories.

Q. Student Entries

Students may enter items in any category.