Program Categories

A. Public Relations Campaigns

Complete public relations campaigns that have demonstrated success in reaching distinct multiple audiences over a six-month to one-year period.

B. Community Relations

Programs that seek to win the support or cooperation of, or that aim to improve relations with, people or organizations in communities in which the sponsoring organization has an interest, need or opportunity. “Community” in this category refers to a specific geographic location or locations.

C. Investor Relations

Programs directed to shareholders, other investors and the investment community.

D. Media Relations

Programs designed to penetrate the print and electronic media with your organization’s message.

E. Internal Communications

Programs targeted specifically to special audiences directly allied with an organization (for example, employees, members, affiliated dealers or franchisees).

F. Global Communications

Any type of program sponsored by a U. S. company or a company with a U. S. presence that demonstrates effective global communications in two or more countries.

G. Public Service

Programs that advance public understanding of a societal issue, problem or concern.

H. Nonprofit Communications

Programs designed to advance the communications mission of a nonprofit organization.

  1. By Nonprofit
  2. By For-profit

I. Pro Bono

Services done for the public good without any compensation.

J. Crisis Communications

Programs undertaken to deal with an event that has had or may have an extraordinary impact.

K. Public Affairs

Programs specifically designed to influence public policy and/or affect legislation, regulations, political activities, or candidacies, so that the entity funding the program benefits.

L. Multicultural Communications

Any program specifically targeted to a cultural group.

M. Integrated Communications

A program that exemplifies creative and effective integration of traditional public relations tactics with at least one other marketing communications tool, such as advertising.

Evidence should be provided of integration of strategies, budget and evaluation.

N. Reputation/Brand Management

Programs designed to enhance, promote or improve the reputation of an organization with its publics, or key elements of its publics, either proactively or in response to an issue, event or market occurrence.

O. Marketing Consumer Products and Services

Programs designed to introduce new or promote existing products or services to a consumer audience.

P. Special Events

Events may be commemorations, observances, openings, celebrations or other activities.

Q. Development/Fundraising

A public relations program that supports an outstanding fundraising plan.

R. New Media

A program solely-based on online and/or digital media designed to reach specific audiences.