Online Submission Process

NOTE: Online award submissions must be 10MB or smaller.

  1. Fill out the entry form and submit each entry as one PDF or Word document.
  2. For Project Categories, provide a brief summary no longer than one page in length describing the entry’s objective, audience, budget and results.
  3. You may include supporting materials referred to in the summary, such as a copy of the public relations plan, pictures, letters, scripts, reports, clippings and copies of other materials used in executing your program.
  4. Materials may be represented by photos. Samples of supporting data are sufficient to give the judging panel a basis for evaluation. Please separate supporting documents with labeled divider pages.
  5. For video entries, a link to a YouTube channel will be acceptable.
  6. Your entry should include the following:
    • The entry title, name of entrant, indication of whether the entry is a program or project, and award category (and subcategory, if applicable), a 50-word summary describing the entry, and the entry fee amount.
    • Your summary followed by supporting materials if applicable.
  7. No entries will be returned prior to the awards ceremony.


If your entry is selected as a Parthenon Award winner, you will asked to provide a jpeg depicting the program or activity for the awards event.

Entries cannot be changed once they have been submitted – please check your entry for grammar, spelling and typographical errors.